June 2018

Bicompax 001
Panda & Reverse Panda

Conceived with
motorsport in mind

Gaining traction in the 50s, as racing came into the spotlight in Europe and the Americas, panda and reverse-panda watches were chronographs designed for an increased legibility. The contrasting dial allowed for an easier timekeeping on the track or at road events, when precise measurements and access to data weren’t yet the norm. 

Bicompax Panda | Baltic Watches

A racing driver’s best friend

Picture yourself in a low and loud GT, at dusk on some twisting European roads. You’ve driven all night and you trade places with your copilot for the remainder of the race. You want to know your average speed and start your chronograph at the first milestone, before stopping it a few moments later. You can read the numbers clearly on your watch: your speed’s encouraging. Come on, only a hundred miles before the finish line!

Bicompax Reverse Panda | Baltic Watches

Truly unique

Based on the Bicompax 001, of which it keeps the 38mm step-case, dial layout and leaf hands, the Panda and Reverse Panda are very slightly modified. In fact, only the dials, caseback and straps are different, the sub-dials and railroad track being inverted between the black and cream watches. While the differences are minimal, the look of the watch and the vibe it gives off is truly unique!

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