Watchmaking is a passion that we’re able to share with so many people around us. From collectors and journalists to our partners and our team, we’re glad to have the opportunity to work and interact with so many exceptional people on a daily basis. It’s always so satisfying to be able to show a piece to someone, for them to tell us that it’s a watch that they were looking for for years. That’s what led us to partner with Perpétuel in 2020.


Newly established in the UAE, Perpétuel is a watch dealer and gallery located in Dubai, with an eye for design, focused on acting local and truly interested by the watch community. The watches we selected for this collaboration were the HMS & Bicompax 002, specially finished in a lizard green, but another detail truly set them apart: Arabic numerals. Quite an uncommon design choice in the watchmaking industry, these numerals around the sector ring show the true identity of this watch.

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