November 2021

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From prototype
to charity

Back in October of 2021, our friends at Revolution Watch launched the Pink Dial Project, an initiative destined to raise awareness for breast cancer as well as money to fund research for a cure. The concept was simple: reunite a few watchmakers for an auction, featuring only unique pink-themed dial watches, designed especially for the occasion.

As a matter of fact, we were already preparing a special collaboration with Revolution Watch. The initial design was for a 36.5mm chronograph based on the Bicompax, although with a higher-domed glass and slimmer case, a reworked step-case design with a slight bevel, and sporting a salmon dial with pulsometer scale. Like every other production, a few prototypes were designed, before being adjusted or re-designed in order to get a watch that felt just right.

The Revolution collaboration

When we heard of the Pink Dial Project, we couldn’t think of a more fitting watch to offer. The prototype put up for auction sported a dial very similar to those that went into production, but look a bit closer and you’ll see the difference is actually impressive. Where the Pink Dial prototype sports a sector ring fitted with six individual Arabic numerals, the production spec has more discreet hour markings. Although this isn’t the most shocking of changes, it does show how much minuscule design changes can alter the look of the watch, and how our design process functions.

The Pink Dial Project prototype chronograph sold for 10 200 $, after a long battle lasting 44 bids by collectors around the globe, and the 250pcs 36.5 Pulsometer chronograph sold out rapidly a few weeks later, early in December 2021.

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