More than two years after releasing our first duo of watches, we felt the need to revamp our lineup. After discussing future projects with the team from Worn And Wound for quite some time, we came to the conclusion that it would be the best of opportunities to introduce the updated HMS & Bicompax as a very limited edition. And “voilà”, our first collaboration was born.


Besides being our first collaboration, this watch holds a special place in our history. Introduced at a time when salmon dials were still all too rare, its encouraging welcome by the watch community was great to feel. Confirming we were on the right track after taking a few daring choices, this definitely is a watch we’re still proud of, after all these years !


Sporting the same mechanical characteristics as their predecessors - most notably the movements and cases – the 002 distinguished itself thanks to its looks. Specially embossed black leather straps with blue stitching were chosen for the watches, but what made it truly shine was thanks to its new dial. Sporting a salmon “Art Déco” sector dial, this duo of watches was splendid to look at. Different finishes were used, between the grain on the crosshair, circular brushing around the hour markers and guilloché subdials for the Bicompax, allowing us to play in a unique way with its depth. A pale salmon hue was chosen, adopting a slight golden look when interacting in a right way with the light. The final touch lay underneath the watch, on the caseback. A Worn And Wound logo was engraved, beside the individual numbering of the watch, limited to 100 pieces per model only.

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