January 2020

x Watch Act

For a good cause

Each watch we release is subject to months and months of design & testing before making its way to your wrist. Between the slightest of color changes, dial fonts, finishing or materials used, a handful of prototypes are produced. Out of all these prototypes, some more radical than others, most are kept secret and only worn from time to time in the office. Although we like to keep these prototypes away from prying eyes to be able to surprise you when the watches are finally released, sometimes it’s ok to break the rules you’ve yourself established.

Back in January of 2020, as wildfires were burning the Land Down Under to a crisp, an auction was organized by Time+Tide Watches as a means to collect funds for five local charities affected by the disaster unfolding before our eyes, so far away. We decided to offer a unique watch for auction to show our support for this cause.

A unique watch

Most of you will have noted a resemblance to one of our current watches, the Aquascaphe SB01, at the time not publically available. Although the spirit is the same, a few key differences make this watch a unique timepiece compared to its steel bezel counterpart. First and foremost: the dial. The grainy finish is the same but the sandwich dial with triangular markers was replaced by 3/6/9 hour markers, whose fonts were carried from the HMS, and the “Aquascaphe” text was applied in a bright red rather than a light orange.

The final touch

The final touch was applied to the caseback: a Watch Act! logo was laser-engraved alongside a sitting koala two crisscrossing axes, symbolizing the efforts made by Australian firefighters.

This prototype sold for 4 100 $ after an intense bidding battle.

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