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Seaqual® strap Black

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SEAQUAL® bring together individuals, organizations and companies, to help clean our oceans, raise awareness of the issue of marine plastic and highlight people who are working to solve it. This black strap is the result of our collaboration with Seaqual who provided us with the material. It is made from recycled polyester fiber.

This SEAQUAL® strap is equipped with a quick-release system, which will allow you to mount/dismount this bracelet on your watch in 5 seconds.

  • Materials: recycled polyester fiber, leather lining

  • 20mm width, 16mm buckle

  • Length: 115mm - 75mm

  • Fits 15 to 20cm wrists

  • Quick release system

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あなたの時計にヴィンテージの装いを。私たちの本牛革製ストラップは、スムーズかつタフな仕様です。ヴィンテージからモダンまで、非常に幅広い時計によく似合います。これらのストラップは、全て幅20mm(ラグ側)から16mm(尾錠側)で長さ115mm + 75mmとなっています。

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