November 2019

x The Vortex Swim

300 miles across
the plastic continent

An Aquascaphe for the expedition

In partnership with the long distance swimmer Benoit Lecomte, we decided to create an Aquascaphe especially for the expedition: "The Vortex Swim". A 300 nautical miles swim, that is to say 550 km across the "plastic continent" in order to raise awareness about the pollution of the oceans by micro-plastics.

for the occasion

To further personalize the watch, the expedition’s logo is applied to the dial in place of the traditional “Aquascaphe – 200 m”. The caseback was engraved differently as well, sporting the words "For the planet I swam the Pacific".

Sold at auction
for 6000€

Only one piece was made available to the general public, which was auctioned for the expedition at 6000€ in November 2019.

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