Aquascaphe Classic Collection


Over time, dive watches has evolved to define the crucial elements of it: a rotating bezel, readability and water-resistance. Popular in the 50s, they are emotionally related to this period of exploration of the world, making it an object marked by incredible discoveries and people who risked their life to established new limits.

Baltic strived to create a watch in respect of this history, using the codes inherited from these unique timekeepers: the Aquascaphe. Beyond the functional aspect, what is important for us is to know that our toolwatch will follow you wherever you go.


The AQUASCAPHE is capable of diving to depths of up to 200m. Toolwatches are often considered to be the ultimate daily watch as they're waterproof, scratch-resistant, shockproof, and they look great in any situation.


The classic AQUASCAPHE has a 120 cliks rotating bezel, an essential part of a diving watch. It allows you to control the dive time and thus to respect the decompression stops. The insert is made of sapphire, known as one of the toughest materials on earth, making this watch ultra-resistant.

Aquascaphe SB01


The AQUASCAPHE SB01 is built with a unidirectional rotatable stainless steel bezel. More than an aesthetic detail, the 12h scale allows you to countdown the time in hours. Also while you travel, you don’t need to adjust the hands: a simple rotation of the bezel is enough to get another time zone.

The SB01 has a new set of bigger hands called «maxi hands». Filled with blue Luminova BGW9®, they provide optimum readability in all conditions.


The Aquascaphe white offers a new aesthetic to the Baltic toolwatches range by adopting a white dial and a black bezel. It retains all the technical characteristics of this collection: a water resistance of 200m, a unidirectional rotating bezel and reasonable dimensions. An elegant dive watch that combines functionality and timeless style, down to the smallest detail.

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