« Wearing this watch for just a few hours really illustrates why they were, and are, so popular » View the article
“Baltic is doing some exciting things in the independent watchmaker landscape” View the article
« Baltic is a brand that I have a feeling we’re going to see a lot of in the next few years. In the lead up to their launch, they built a decently sized social media following and actually took in-person meetings at their showroom outside of Paris, which generated a solid buzz about the brand. » View the article
« Si l’horlogerie traditionnelle traverse une crise persistante, une nuée de nouveaux entrant réussit une belle percée via le réseau de souscription Kickstarter. Baltic est le dernier d’entre eux. » View the article
“Baltic is one of our favorite boutique watch brands, and not without good reason: its HMS 001 three-hander and Bicompax 001 chronograph are two of the best vintage-inspired designs on the market.” View the article
“Traditional with a touch of modern minimalism, BALTIC watches take cues from little-known 1940s models and bring them up to date with intricate design techniques.” View the article
“The Aquascaphe is a successful followup to Baltic’s initial watches, adding dive functionality, build quality, and style while allow Baltic to maintain a cohesive brand image.” View the article
“When you experience one, it’s hard to imagine why anything need be more complicated.” View the article
“Whether in terms of design or execution, I can’t find a major flaw on this watch. It is consistent, well-designed and, mainly, well-executed.” View the article
“If there’s a single watch that can demonstrate just how far the world of ‘microbrand’ watches has evolved in the last decade, it could well be the Baltic Aquascaphe.” View the article
"This demand opened the doors to microbrands that could answer the call of higher demand for watches with vintage looks at more affordable prices. French microbrand Baltic has leaned into this theme, releasing their excellent Aquascaphe and recently launching the dressy MR01." View the article

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