« Wearing this watch for just a few hours really illustrates why they were, and are, so popular » View the article
« À l’heure du bilan, impossible de cacher notre enthousiasme devant cette Aquascaphe. Tout en s’appuyant sur l’ADN de la marque, elle a su y ajouter les caractéristiques essentielles d’une toolwatch et devenir une plongeuse très aboutie. Son indéniable charme, allié à un bon rapport qualité/prix, en fait une pièce terriblement attachante. » View the article
« Baltic is a brand that I have a feeling we’re going to see a lot of in the next few years. In the lead up to their launch, they built a decently sized social media following and actually took in-person meetings at their showroom outside of Paris, which generated a solid buzz about the brand. » View the article
« Si l’horlogerie traditionnelle traverse une crise persistante, une nuée de nouveaux entrant réussit une belle percée via le réseau de souscription Kickstarter. Baltic est le dernier d’entre eux. » View the article
“Baltic is one of our favorite boutique watch brands, and not without good reason: its HMS 001 three-hander and Bicompax 001 chronograph are two of the best vintage-inspired designs on the market.” View the article
“Traditional with a touch of modern minimalism, BALTIC watches take cues from little-known 1940s models and bring them up to date with intricate design techniques.” View the article
“The Aquascaphe is a successful followup to Baltic’s initial watches, adding dive functionality, build quality, and style while allow Baltic to maintain a cohesive brand image.” View the article
“When you experience one, it’s hard to imagine why anything need be more complicated.” View the article
“Whether in terms of design or execution, I can’t find a major flaw on this watch. It is consistent, well-designed and, mainly, well-executed.” View the article
“If there’s a single watch that can demonstrate just how far the world of ‘microbrand’ watches has evolved in the last decade, it could well be the Baltic Aquascaphe.” View the article

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